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Thx for pointing this article out to me here in the future (October 4, 2023) great info! Geothermal's future is unlimited as we shall all see. Using heating to turbine to electricity to line of sight laser/maser/graser to ground or satellite receptor and back to electricity, one geothermal site can provide power to a region! With efficient conversion and about a fifty years build time, the Yellowstone magma plume could power the entire West in perpetuity. It would be like fifty Bonneville Dams! All we would need would be a reliable water supply and Lake Yellowstone is a drought-proof, very deep and enormous catchment basin, if ground waters for some reason disappeared.

We need to find a way to map the upper mantle plumes...they don't always have surface thermal features indicating their presence. There might be several east of the Rockies in the U.S. we can tap by superdeep drilling.

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